Over the last couple of years Information & Communication Technology (ICT) has grown astronomically, infiltrating basically everything we do. The majority of businesses today rely  on technology in their day-to-day operations. The loss of an ICT service can therefore make your business inefficient, ineffective or impact on customer service. Keeping your vital ICT services fully operational should be non-negotiable. NLHA ICT Consulting services are vendor neutral, thus these services do not promote any specific vendor or product.


We assist our clients with technology compliance, through leveraging industry best practice standards. This includes, policy formulation, policy reviews, standard operating processes, disaster recovery process reviews, and other ICT related compliance.

Risk Management

If your business uses any form of technology, it inherently carries risks associated with such technologies. We investigate you technology environment and identify all the risk areas and how to address such risks. Your internal ICT might already have an ICT risk register, but we found internal divisions do not consider risks holistically. An independent view will ensure your know your risk environment in order to make informed decisions.

Project Management

ICT projects fail time-and-time again, not because of improper planning, but due to companies not having someone dedicating all their time to managing the project. To save costs we can manage your ICT projects with by assigning a dedicated project manager. Depending on the type of ICT project, the project manager will use standards such as PMBOK, PRINCE2, AGILE, LEAN or PRiSM to ensure the success of your projects.


With the rapid growth in technology, the security related to technology advanced at an astronomical rate. Our security service includes ensuring your security processes address the threats of current cyber security and our reviews ensures your processes remain up to date.


Our ICT teams use industry recognised tools to investigate ICT incidents, such as breaches or forensic investigations. We also perform general ICT security audits to identify possible weak-spots that could lead to security breaches.

With an expert legal division, we are able to assist in any legal proceedings resulting from ICT security breaches. This includes the investigation, prosecution or chairing internal disciplinary hearings, and so forth.


ICT is a wide field and our clients do not always have the luxury of internal staff with the expert knowledge of the wide ICT sector. This leads to business procuring ICT services that they might not need or overpaying for ICT services and systems. We use our expertise to assist clients with formulating system requirements and ensuring clients procure systems that address their needs.

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