Duty to Support Your Child, aka Papgeld

Regardless of whether you a child is born in, or out, of wedlock there is an obligation on a parent to support a child. However, what happens when that child reaches the age of majority, ie. 18yrs old?

Preying on the dead!

There’s always vultures circling, awaiting people to pass on, and then sweeping in to prey on the dead.

Laws relating to receiving and sending SPAM emails

You might hear different interpretations of “spam” or “junk mail” when you speak to people, but in general spam is regarded as any unsolicited email, SMS or message sent to one or more recipients. Generally spam is sent in “bulk” to a number of recipients, however it is our submission that it need not necessarily be in bulk. Considering the above-mentioned, you can be either the recipient of spam, but… Read More »Laws relating to receiving and sending SPAM emails