NLHA Legal is a legal advisory service that transforms the legal operations of their clients, whether through assisting a client’s in-house legal team or as a fully outsourced partner. We also assist and advise private individuals in various ways with their legal requirements. It should however be noted that NLHA Legal is not a law firm.

We associate with legal practitioners and partners that are expert in various fields of law. Most of associates practice and specialise in the fields of law they work in, thus our clients are assured of working with the best.

NLHA Legal advisors have worked with individuals, small business, large corporate companies from different sectors and even government institutions. We therefore have a lot of experience in the various sectors we service and you can benefit from that experience.

It is difficult to list all legal services you as a valued client might require assistance with, but here are some of the main legal advisory services we provide. Let us know when you would like to meet and greet with no obligation or expectation from our side.

Labour Relations

This includes most labour relations matters - Hearing Chairperson, Prosecutors, Investigations, Workshops & Training, Advisory service, Labour court representation, Labour Negotiations, Employment contracts, and so forth.

Business Contracts

Contracts are sometimes neglected and the source of numerous disputes. We provide contract services such as, contract and service level agreement drafting, negotiations, management, reviews, advisory and opinions, dispute mediation, and more.

Business Services

Business owners needs to focus on running successful businesses, but are constantly faced with challenges hampering their business. One such a challenge is legislation and amendments to legislation. We ensure your business processes are aligned and legally compliant, for example with the Consumer Protection Act, the Protection of Personal Information Act, National Credit Act and numerous other laws affecting your business operations.

General Legal Advisory

Education law relating to legal and policy support in the education sector, whether public or independent schools.

Legal opinions & ad-hoc Legal services

Legal risk management

Legal function outsourcing

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