NLHA Legal is a legal advice consultancy focusing mainly on the areas of private/civil law. We also provide assistance to company legal teams or as a fully outsourced legal partner. Through our carefully selected associate network we can assist with, and advise on, the various legal matters as listed below.

Although NLHA Legal is not a law firm we do engage legal practitioners when our clients require representation in a court or based on the merits of each case, excluding most criminal law representation. We associate with legal practitioners and partners that are specialist in their various fields of law and have years of experience.

NLHA Legal provide services to individuals, small businesses, large corporate companies, and even government institutions. Our practitioners have vast experience in the various sectors we service and our clients  benefit from that experience.

Here are some of the main legal advisory services we provide directly or through our associates. Use the various contact methods on this website to set up a meet and greet to discuss your requirements.

Labour Law

This includes most labour relations matters - Hearing Chairperson, Prosecutors, Investigations, Workshops & Training, Advisory service, CCMA assistance, Labour court representation, Labour Negotiations, Employment contracts, and so forth.

Contract Law

Contracts are sometimes neglected and the source of numerous disputes. We provide contract services such as, contract and service level agreement drafting, negotiations, management, reviews, NDAs, dispute mediation, advisory and opinions.

Business Services

Business owners needs to focus on running successful businesses, but are constantly faced with challenges hampering their business. One such a challenge is legislation and amendments to legislation. We ensure your business processes are aligned and legally compliant, for example with the Consumer Protection Act, the PoPIA, PAIA, National Credit Act and numerous other laws affecting your business operations. We also provide you with assistance in terms of business registrations, processes, procedures, policies and so forth.

Technology & Media Law

ICT law covers a very wide spectrum and it changes rapidly. Although it can stand in isolation, it is also a law that overlaps with many others.
With the enactment of laws such as PoPIA and the Cybercrimes Act, issues relating to ICT and Media law has come even more under the spotlight. Therefore in ICT law we don't just cover technology in isolation, but it may encompass matters relating to theft, fraud, malicious injury to property, pornography, evidence, contracts, telecomms, e-commerce, copyright, privacy, freedom of expression, and many more.

Family Law

This branch of law considers family matters such as marriage, civil unions, life partnerships and other domestic relationships. It also concerns divorce matters, parenting plans, child custody and maintenance.

Deceased Estates

We can assist you in drawing up a Will and Testament or if you are an executor of an estate, we can assist you in the winding up of the estate. There are numerous laws and rules to take into consideration with the winding up of a deceased estate. It is also a very tense process that can easily lead to disputes and feuds amongst family members.

Mediation & ADR

Mediation is one form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Through mediation and ADR we attempt to settle disputes outside of the court. We believe that 90% of private law disputes can be settled outside of court at a fraction of the cost of litigation.

General Legal Advisory

  • We can provide you with formal Legal Opinions & other ad-hoc Legal services, such as civil litigation, evictions, and so forth.

  • If you don't have an internal legal department or if you want to expand your existing function, we can assist through our Legal function outsourcing services.
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